Our Services 

Education & Social Care 
Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation awareness workshops 
Safe working practices for those engaged with children and the vulnerable 
Diversity and Equality workshops 
Hate Crime Awareness 
Disability Awareness 
Crime Reduction Workshops 
Drug Recognition and Awareness 
Personal Awareness Training for young people and students 
The role of the appropriate adult under PACE 
The problem solving process using the NDM 
Managing Anti-Social Behaviour in our communities 
Security & Enforcement 
Conflict Management & Assertiveness Training 
Negotiation and conflict avoidance 
Event quality assurance audits 
Lone worker personal safety training 
Level 2 spectator safety 
Personal Development 
Train the Trainer 
Personal mentoring and coaching 
Marketing yourself to prospective employers 
Police promotions interview skills 
Preparing for Local Authority & Police structured interviews 
Interview skills & CV writing 
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